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2-23-2010 - Legal Drafting Conference Call Notes

Page history last edited by Chris Messina 13 years, 1 month ago
  • Dewitt Clinton
  • Michael B. Einschlag 
  • Ben Lee
  • David Recordon 
  • Lawrence Rosen
  • David Rudin 
  • Stephan Wenger 
Agenda : 
  • Review of CLA Approach and Scope.
    • Much of the call was dedicated to whether the CLA should require an upfront scope.  Comments were made that the basis of OWF has been to enable communities to collaborate without the need to establish/negotiate an upfront scope.  Importantly, not having to negotiate an upfront scope would allow groups to quickly start work.
    • Questions were raised as to whether an upfront CLA was even necessary.  The advantages of having a CLA were noted to include establishing upfront intent, clearing copyright issues, enabling patent owner participation and internal company buy in, and establish obligations around signing the OWFa for the final specification. 
  • Discussion of Necessary Claims Definition.  Topic was not addressed due to time.
  • Additional issues.
    • Discussion of how the patent grant could be interpreted. 
    • Need to develop FAQ for CLA.  David Recordon volunteered to take first shot at drafting FAQ questions (thanks!)
    • Concern raised that there was a tension between getting agreements done vs. first forming a cohesive legal drafting group.
    • It was noted that there was an immediate need for a CLA to enable currently operating spec development communities.  Recognizing that the patent CLA will likely present more issues than the copyright CLA, and that many on the call were comfortable using the copyright CLA, a request was made to work on, complete, and release the copyright CLA and then return to work on the patent CLA. 

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